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Ridgefield Youth Lacrosse: Player’s Code of Conduct


  1. I will play for FUN and for the love of the game.


  1. I will always be a good sport and be gracious in victory and defeat.


  1. I will be respectful of my coaches, teammates, parents, opponents and officials (no talking back, arguing, etc).


  1. I will be a team player and provide positive support to my teammates in good times and bad.


  1. I will work hard to improve my skills and pay attention during practices and games.


  1. I will learn the rules, and always play by them.


  1. I understand that when my team wins, we win as a team; when my team loses, we lose as a team.


  1. If I have a problem or concern, I will bring it up with my coach.


  1. I will work hard in school and thank my parents for providing me the opportunity to play.


  1. I will never bully a teammate or opponent, either verbally or physically. I understand that bullying includes taunting and excessive teasing, threats, cruel, demeaning and derogatory remarks, physical violence, vandalism of personal property, intimidation, and starting rumors, either verbally or electronically. I understand that the use of instant messages and social networking sites as a means to perpetuate bullying behavior will not be tolerated by RYL. I will not engage in behavior that makes a fellow player feel uncomfortable, afraid or left out.