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Ridgefield Youth Lacrosse Social Media and Communication Policy
Email Privacy Policy: To protect the privacy and security of our members’ email addresses, all email communications to teams must originate from the RYL website. Do not export team email addresses from the website to your personal contacts or share email addresses with outside organizations, individuals or entities.
Coaches shall not communicate with any RYL player directly without a parent or guardian copied on the email.
Social Media Policy: No coach shall interact, communicate, or otherwise associate with any RYL player via social media including, but not limited to, text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.). This includes creating a team Facebook page or group, Youtube channel or any other form of social media outside of the authorized RYL Team Page on the RYL website. Furthermore, no coach shall add any RYL player as a “friend”, “contact” or otherwise to his/her social media account(s) or accept an invitation to be added to any player’s social media account.