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    Your players will quickly tire of the same old line and ground ball drills as the season progresses. There are lots of great drills that reinforce fundamental stickwork and do so in a more game like situation. Below are resources that address beginner and intermediate stickwork as well as key facets of the game - fast break, riding, clearing and unsettled situations. 

Drills for stickwork, riding, clearing Defense, and unsettled situations

YMCA Drills

1V1 Drills

Triangle Passing

Defense and Stickwork drills

Defense drills from Coach Jake Reed

Team stickwork drills from Coach Jake Reed

3 v 2 drills

3 v 3 drills   A variety of options that can be utilized during your 3v3 portion of practice

Salisbury Shooting Drills

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1. Attack - Bull Dodge (R to R, L to L), Split to Rocker Step.wmv

2. Attack - Split, C.O.D, C.O.D. to Question Mark.wmv

3. Attack - Split, C.O.D., Finalizer, Inside Roll.wmv

4. Attack - Split, C.O.D., Inside Roll.wmv

5. Box Shooting 3 Guys.wmv

6. Bucket Drill.wmv

7. C-Cut Drill (Left Hand Shot).wmv

8. C-Cut Drill (Right Hand Shot).wmv

9. dawsons vid.wmv

10. Diaginal Hitch & Shoot.wmv

11. Diaginal Roll Back.wmv

12. Dodge to 'X' Catch & Shoot.wmv

13. Dodge, Fade & Feed (Left).wmv

14. Dodge, Fade & Feed (Right).wmv

15. Dodge, Hitch & Shoot.wmv

16. Give & Go, Shot on the Run.wmv

17. High to Low Crease (Left).wmv

18. High to Low Crease (Right).wmv

19. Rapid Fire Shooting.wmv

20. Roll Back, Catch & Go.wmv

21. Roll Back, Catch & Step Out.wmv

22. Same Side Roll Back.wmv

23. Same Side Split.wmv

24. Wing Dodge & Roll Back.wmv